So you want to farm full time? Part 1

~ How to grow 10 Tonnes (111 bags) of maize in an acre.

Thus reads the script.

Save enough money and buy land, somewhere in the realms of 1 acre to 5 acres. Fence it, build a small & luxurious farm house,  grow some vegetables, or keep some dairy animals, or chicken. Watch this side hustle grow until it “fully supports itself”, then jump ship from the employment bandwagon and become a full time farmer, living happily, waking up to take strolls in a picture perfect farm tending to crops, animals and that endless stream of photos uploaded to Instagram to the bewilderment & awe of friends and especially, Foe.

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The Journey thus far

Three years on, hundreds of hours on the farm, millions in losses, yet more millions in awe inspiring profits, and a whole host of lessons to boot later, the journey of documentation begins. Buckle up for the ride of a lifetime.